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Warm Greens Salad

Stir-fry in large wok or skillet several bunches chopped mixed leafy greens (mustard, chard, beet greens, cabbage leaves, kale, escarole...) Add greens a little at a time, and when wilted down, add more. When greens are wilted and tender, stir in 2 cloves minced fresh or 1 tsp. powdered garlic and cook a minute or two more. Set aside. Stir fry chopped leeks (or large green onions), sliced mushrooms, carrots cut in thin sliverlike slices, chopped cauliflower, sliced peppers, (or whatever you have)...about 5 min. Add previously cooked greens, and mix adding 3 tsp vinegar, 6 tbs. parmesan cheese, black pepper and salt or soy sauce to taste. Serve with fresh bread on hand to sop up the juices.