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Welcome to our online Garden Store.  This is where you can place your order and pick it up at the weekly delivery point in La Grande, Baker City and Pendleton.

Tuesday, La Grande, at Kneads Bakery 12:00 - 3:00.

Wednesday, Baker City, at Betty's Books 12:00 - 6:00.

Pendleton / Hermiston to be determined.

All items grown and/or processed by local farmers and artisans.


Fresh picked tender and tasty asparagus.  Great for your spring recipes!!

2 bunches ($5.00)
By The Bunch ($3.00)
20 lb carton ($40.00)
Farm Fresh Eggs



Brown Eggs.  Our chickens are free range meaning we pen them up at dark so that nothing eats them during the night and let them out around noon after they have laid their eggs.

They eat garden produce, bugs, grass, and NON GMO corn.


Eggs by the case ($45.00) [6 avail]
Eggs by the dozen ($4.50)
Flowers, Wave Petunia

These are 12" hanging baskets, assorted colors of Wave Petunias.

Pictures of them here.  Don't panic pics start on photo#21.

Hanging baskets ($30.00) [34 avail]
herb lovage

All parts of the herb are useable. The leaves are added to salads; the root is dug up at the end of the season and used as a vegetable. Stems can replace celery and the flower yields an aromatic oil. Interestingly, the lovage herb is a commonly used flavoring for confectionaries. You can use seeds and stems in candy making. The seeds are a common ingredient in flavored oils and vinegars, which steep in the liquid, releasing their flavor over time. 

Bunch ($2.50)
Herb, Chives

Fresh picked, by the bunch.

.18 pound / bunch ($2.50) [5 avail]
Herb, Mint

Spearmint and peppermint


.66oz/bunch ($2.50)
Herb, Parsley, Curly Leaf

Packaged by the bunch

Bunch ($2.50)
Herb, Parsley, Flat Leaf

Flat leaf.

Packaged by the Bunch.

bunch ($2.50)
Herb, Sage

Fresh picked by the bunch.

Bunch ($2.50)
Watermelon Hot Pepper Jelly

Very pretty unique pepper jelly made from our own products. Amazing flavor and tastes. 

1/2 pint jars.

Ingredients: watermelon juice, hot pepper juice, sugar, vinegar and pectin.

Watermelon Hot Pepper Jelly ($6.00) [20 avail]
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